IFS helps people receiving disability or workers compensation benefits to sell their payments for a lumpsum of cash now

Disability / Workers Compensation

Many disability settlements are structured in monthly payments, to provide ongoing support to an individual who can no longer work, or work in their chosen field.  However, a growing number of people are choosing to sell some of their disability payments for a lump sum of cash.  These people are using their money as investment funds to start new businesses, to pay off debts, travel, etc.

There are many different types of disability cases, including workers compensation and self-funding employers. The laws regarding these diverse areas are extremely complex and are constantly changing.   For this reason, it is not possible to develop a "standard" model for disability cases. Rather, each disability settlement must be evaluated on an individual case-by-case basis, before determining if a purchase is possible.

Some workers compensation can be sold, in whole or in part. And, in some states, survivors benefits can be sold, provided there is a "period certain" or guaranteed number of payments written into the settlement. Because of the varying language and regulations from state to state, it is necessary to review all of the pertinent documents to determine if your case is eligible 

However, in all cases, the disabled party MUST have another source of income in order to be eligible to sell their disability income stream. This is true for all reputable funders, as it would be unethical to cash out a persons sole means of support. Funders want to know that the service we are providing will be an enhancement to the quality of an individuals life. An exception to this rule would be if the monthly disability payment was large enough that, upon selling a portion of the benefit, the remainder of each months payment was still enough to provide for the necessary living expenses of the disabled person.  Please consult with the IFS staff to determine if there is sufficient income in your particular case.

Here's Good News! Funding for Workers Compensation has arrived!

If you have been following the news on Workers Compensation, you know that in the spring of 1999, the funding sources for W/C dried up, and for a long time, no one was able to sell these types of payments. However, Integrity Funding Sources has been able to secure a source of funds for many W/C income streams. This program requires that the case be fully settled, that payments be received on a monthly basis from a AAA-rated insurance company, and that the recipent be working or have another source of income. In most cases, our underwriter is looking at purchasing 12 - 24 months of payments. Lumpsum payments, payments made by state funds or weekly / bi-monthly payments are not eligible for this particular program.

In addition, wrongful death workers compensation settlements may be eligible for a buyout program. In these cases, the payor must be a AAA-rated insurance company. Families who are receiving compensation from an employee or job-related wrongful dealth case may be able to convert these payments to cash.

Both of these programs are available to payment recipients now. However, because of the complexities of the laws in each state, individual transactions must be evaluated on a case by case basis. If you have a job-related wrongful death case, or a workers compensation settlement, please discuss the particulars with an IFS representative to determine if a lumpsum purchase can benefit you.



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